Position 69 – is it the best position? Advantages and disadvantages

position 69

The 69 position is a variation of oral sex in which the lovers pleasure each other’s genitals with their mouth and tongue. In this arrangement of the bodies of two people, it is possible to achieve orgasm at the same time. This position has both advantages and disadvantages. Check what they are about.

  • Position 69 is one of many found in the Kama Sutra. It is also one of the most popular items. Why?
  • This type of position falls under the category of oral sex. This means that the couple stimulates each other’s genitals through the use of their mouth and tongue.
  • As with any position, there are pros and cons to using it during sex. How are they?

What is position 69 and what does it look like? 

Position 69 (six nine) in sex, also referred to as the “6 out of 9” or “sixty-nine” position is a love position, called by  the Kamasutra  – “auparishtaka”. What does its name mean? This concept is derived from the arrangement of the lovers’ bodies, which resembles the Arabic numerals “6” and “9”.

What is position 69 and what is it about? It is a type of  oral sex where the partners stimulate each other and at the same time each other’s genitals. During this type of sexual technique, the lovers stimulate each  other’s  intimate parts with their  lips and tongue .

The woman stimulates her lover’s penis (and sometimes also the scrotum, lower abdomen and anus (if the partner consents).

The man, on the other hand, orally caresses the clitoristhe labia, the entrance to the vagina of his partner, and also, not infrequently, the anus (if the partner agrees).

It can be an introduction to sexual intercourse or it can be a separate bed practice. 

Many lovers decide on this type of love when, for some reason, penetration of a member in a woman’s vagina is impossible. It is often on the list of sexologists’ advice as a good way to get into a routine in partner relationships . If partners are interested in changing and introducing a new quality to the bedroom, they should know what position 69 is.

What does position 69 look like? For this  sex position  to be performed, the lovers must be facing each other upside down and facing their partner’s genitals.

Variants of item 69

Position 69 has several variations. First of all, its type depends on who is on top.

The most common, classic one is that the man lies on his back and the woman lies on top of him, on her stomach, facing his genitals. While the partner “looks after” the partner’s member, he caresses her genitals.

This form of oral sex can be reversed so that the woman is on the bottom and the man on top. However, not every woman will be satisfied with a smaller room for maneuver in such a position.

The 69  side  position is another variation of the same kind of love. The lovers lie side-by-side, with their partner’s love organs in front of their faces, but also easy access to the other’s other intimate zones.

There are also more complicated, almost acrobatic types of this pose that require great strength and endurance from the lovers, especially from the man, and flexibility from the woman.

One of them is the  standing position 69 , during which the man stands (usually leaning against the wall) holding his partner’s legs tightly, the woman wraps her legs around her lover’s neck, and her hands around his back or partner’s buttocks .

A slightly easier variant is to perform it sitting or kneeling (then the partner, instead of standing, sits on the edge of the bed or on a chair or kneels, holding the partner as above)

Advantages of position 69

Position 69 in sex can bring lovers a lot of pleasure and special sensations, because in such a loving arrangement partners can  give each other pleasure at the same time  and receive it from the other person at the same time.

In addition, the 69 position in practice often means  simultaneous orgasm , which is quite difficult to achieve in other oral positions .

Another advantage of this form of love is that it can be  an alternative to intercourse .

Certainly, however, in order to join this kind of love art, it is worth talking about it honestly with your partner beforehand. Lovers in this position should be relaxed, calm, not embarrassed, disgusted or scared.

Disadvantages of position 69

Not everyone will like this arrangement of bodies. It may also be simply  difficult to do  , for example, due to the large difference in height between lovers.

Certainly, an obstacle to a free approach to this position may be inhibitions:

  • cultural, 
  • social, 
  • hygienic, 
  • religious. 

Therefore, before attempting this position, you should take care of  the cleanliness and hygiene of the genitals.

Any diseases of the genitals and urinary tract in lovers should exclude French love. It is important to be aware that various diseases, such as HIV  can also be transmitted to another person through oral sex.

Some object to position 69 that it is difficult to simultaneity of sensations, because it is not easy to both give orgasm and receive it .

Yet another problem can be  a strong odor. Even with proper hygiene, it bothers some people. Therefore, position 69 in practice may turn out to be unattractive.

How to reach orgasm in position 69?

Both men and women need to pay close attention to what excites their partner the most. Preferences vary from person to person, but there are some things you should pay special attention to.

To give pleasure to a woman, you should focus primarily on clitoral stimulation, because this point is the most innervated . Pleasure can also be caused by the external and internal caressing of the vaginal opening with the tongue.

In addition, it is worth wandering with your hands to other parts of the body, e.g. on the breast. The nipple orgasm is not a myth and it can happen to a woman.

And what can a woman do to get her partner to orgasm during sex in the 69 position? A woman, in order to give a man the greatest pleasure, must focus on his member. In this case, kissing and sucking the penis will often be sufficient.

In addition, she can suck, for example, the tip of the penis, gently tighten her lips on it and pull it so that the partner reaches orgasm.